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Importance of Cisco training

Importance of Cisco trainingImage Credit: Supplied

The changing dynamics in the employment world vociferously proclaim that technological shifts will create demand for IT workers educated or certified in large-scale networks, data center, cloud computing, security, video and collaboration technologies. The entire world has been on a huge networking platform, and one company which has quickly paced its evolution is Cisco Systems, engaged in designing and manufacturing a wide range of networking equipment.

There are different specializations and levels of certification available for IT professionals that are interested in networking, and Cisco training is the broad umbrella term that incorporates all trainings.

Depending on the person's prior networking knowledge, certification can be achieved from between four and 12 months. Apart from the obvious professional prestige that can be gained from holding a Cisco certification, there are other key benefits associated here. The salary and career prospects are certainly enticing for any potential Cisco-certified IT professional. Cisco training is designed to be very difficult and thorough, and to pass each exam and progress through the different levels, each person has to develop a deep understanding of the various aspects of networking.

Cisco has launched a new resource website dedicated to helping employers find the right Cisco Certified Professional for their recruitment and organizational needs. The Cisco Certification Job Matrix helps employers and recruitment firms match the right Cisco Certified Professional to the right job based on their certification type and level of expertise.

Handy Hints:

• Cisco has five levels and different specializations.

• Cisco certification runs from four to 12 months.

• Its job matrix identifies company training needs.

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