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Keen on taking a course in art from Dubai?

Keen on taking a course in art from Dubai?Image Credit: Supplied

Those having a keen interest in art – sketching, painting, drawing and other subjects falling under this field of creativity should enroll in courses covering all aspects under what is called creative visual arts or fine arts.

In art programs, regular trips are made to art galleries, studios and art centers exhibiting exemplary works of art for students to gain insights and help them explore all possibilities offered by the course.

Attending lectures and seminars involving renowned artists and art professionals aid in giving students a better picture of what future awaits them in the industry.

Besides working with pencils and paint, practical and technical skills of aspiring artists are also put to the test. Students are provided an introduction to woodwork, metalwork and printmaking as art forms. Students are later introduced to a course in sculpture.

Art courses give students a chance to familiarize themselves with the history of art, introducing them to all perspectives in the key areas within the field of art. They encourage students to develop and enhance their technical and analytical skills when it comes to appreciating and understanding works of art.

Schools like the American University in Dubai offer extensive courses in architecture, art and design to aspiring artists. The Dubai International Art Centre features courses in art for adults and children of different age groups.

Handy Hints:

• Art programs involve regular trips to art galleries.

• Practical/technical skills of aspiring artists are tested.

• Art studies introduce students to all perspectives.

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