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Kids Golf: Let them master the right swing

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Playing a sport is one of the great ways for parents to bond with their kids. And one of the sports they can choose is golf, considering the wide range of golfing facilities available in the UAE.

Golf, like most other sports, suits the young and old alike. It helps improve one’s concentration skills, letting one stay focused on a particular task. It also boosts balance control and endurance. Moreover, it is considered a good cardiovascular activity.

To get your kids golf, enrol him in golf lessons offered by the many golf/sports academies all over the emirates. The different training programs, including family, little champions and junior, taught by professional coaches cater to the specific skills of each student.

Trainings, which usually stretch to eight weeks, are arranged according to age groups. Classes for kids aged four to six years old start from Dh800, while sessions for seven to 17-year-old students start at a little over Dh900.

The lessons, conducted as either individual or group sessions, generally teach the children the basics of playing the sport. These include proper stance, swinging mechanics, holding the club correctly and sweeping the ball to the driving range, among others.

The courses are usually inclusive of the use of equipment. Participants also get access to practice facilities and instructional DVDs. They are awarded certificates of achievement at the end of the training.

Handy Hints
• Kids Golf develops social skills and builds camaraderie
• It improves concentration, posture and balance
• Training lessons cater to the skills of every student

Source: Alfred Ocianas, Special to Classifieds
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