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Learn how to dance and find your way to a new you

Learn how to dance and find your way to a new youImage Credit: Supplied

We all experience a plethora of varying emotions on any particular day. One effective channel of releasing these pent-up emotions in a manner most fun and entertaining is through the medium of dance.

An unknown, unexplored territory for many, dancing is a full-on, enjoyable mind and body workout. Besides being an instant mood lifter, it is highly recommended for those wishing to work on their social skills. On the other hand, its obvious physical benefits include enhanced flexibility, improved cardiovascular health, and strengthened back and hips and abdominal muscles. It is an ideal way to stay fit regardless of age, shape or size. And many have made it their career of choice.

If you are interested in arts, there is no dearth of dance institutes here in the UAE. The different schools offer classes in almost all dance styles like ballet, contemporary, hip-hop, salsa, tango, cha cha, zumba, Bollywood fusion and belly dance.

At an average rate of Dh99-350 per class, they offer group classes as well as private tuitions for those who prefer the personal touch. Students comprise kids as young as three years old and adults. Some instructors are dance champions from different parts of the world.

Some institutes even go a step further by holding dance recitals at the end of the term.

Handy Hints:

• Dancing is a positive medium of self-expression

• It has proven benefits on the mind, body and soul

• The UAE is dotted with affordable dance schools

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Source: Priyanka Wade, Special to Classifieds

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