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Learn languages beyond English

Learn languages beyond EnglishImage Credit: Supplied

Globalization and rapid technological innovation have worked together since the latter part of the 21st century to render one's knowledge of one's mother tongue and another internationally used language like English no longer sufficient to compete in the global market; more so if one is engaged in commerce or international trade.

The need to learn a third and possibly even a fourth language to have an advantage over all others is exemplified by the proliferation of CDs for individuals who wish to learn on their own in languages like French, Spanish, German, Korean, Nippongo (Japanese), Italian, Portuguese, Tagalog, Arabic, Russian, Hindi and others. Then there is the seemingly inevitable ''...for Dummies'' book series, and programs like RocketLanguages, Babbel, Rosetta Stone, Duolingo, Mango Passport, Living Language, Yabla, Pimsleur and Trasparent Language. Some of these language software already have apps and various tablet and a few online versions.

In the UAE, a number of educational institutions offer foreign language learning as part of a particular field of study, as an elective or a standalone course as is the case in training institutes. Schools give learners the option to not only immerse themselves in mastering the language of their choice but also offer them a chance to learn more about the culture of the place or country where the language originated. There are programs for very young, adolescent and adult learners, and timings are also flexible.

Handy Hints:

• Globalization requires one to learn other languages

• There are programs available for language study

• UAE institutes offer flexible timings for young, old

Source: Claire Dangalan, Special to Classifieds

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