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Learning Arabic, English and other languages in UAE

The world is coming together sooner than we think. Cultures intermingle and people of varying linguistic backgrounds, more often than not, share the same living environment. The UAE is a country where diverse nationalities live and interact, and learn with each other every day. Learning Arabic or English languages to name a few.

With a plethora of language centers located all around the city, there is honestly no excuse to not know a language that you need to use on a daily basis. Knowing more than one language also stimulates multiple functions in the brain.

Living here, most people would recommend that you learn Arabic because it gives you a clear advantage at the workplace. HR consultants prefer to recruit bilingual staff, and spoken Arabic is not all that tough to learn once you practice it regularly. Abu Dhabi institutes like Berlitz Language Center and The Mother Tongue Centre offer intensive courses in all forms of Arabic learning.

Apart from Arabic, you can choose Spanish, French or German. For German, there’s the Goethe-Institut that offers language programs tailored to your convenience and weekend lessons. It can moderate the intensity of the program according to your comfort.

And what’s better than an organization that combines sports and language? España Sports Academy offers language-only programs and the interesting option to combine sports and language in individual sessions spread over a set number of weeks. Be it Arabic, French, English, German or Spanish learning – it’s all taken care of.

Handy Hints
• Berlitz, Mother Tongue Centre offer Arabic lessons
• Goethe-Institut has tailored German programs
• España Sports Academy mixes sports, language


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