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Learning to play a musical instrument

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Research shows that learning to play a musical instrument uses parts of the brain that boost analytical and mathematical competencies. It also develops one’s self-esteem and social skills.

Anyone who starts to show an interest in playing the guitar, drums, piano or any instrument may take the opportunity to develop his skills through continued support and training.

At first, either borrow or rent an instrument for your budding musical interest until a commitment is established. Remember not to be too harsh on the learner and impose what you want. Instead, bolster his confidence by taking up lessons or programs that are available in your locale.

Finding the right learning center is easy as a number of schools and institutes in the UAE provide musical instrument lessons for all ages. Lessons are being conducted by professionals at affordable rates and at the learner’s convenient time. Some learning centers hold periodical recitals where the students get a chance to showcase their craft in front of an eager audience.

Once the learner has enrolled for the sessions, it’s important to understand the value of practice. Congratulate their performance and motivate them with compliments to foster their passion for music or their desire to become a musician.

Handy Hints
• UAE have a wide selection of music institutes
• Follow up one’s interest by giving him support
• Praises after performance help boost confidence

Source: Alfred Ocianas, Special to Classifieds
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