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Learning Tips: Hone your public speaking skills

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The bitter truth in today’s competitive world is that you need to be not only good at work but also be super confident and a great communicator. To achieve that, here's your learning tips:

Whether you are a corporate employee or a teacher, soft skills are crucial for success. Enrol in a reputed training institute for public speaking and personality development to make the best of your professional career.

Institutes offer flexible programs that can be done after office hours or even on weekends. They are usually run in small batches and are sometimes tailor-made to suit individual capabilities. These courses first teach relaxation techniques to control anxiety. Guided self-exploration sessions help change mindsets. You learn to analyze your strengths and weaknesses. The courses also stress on the importance of body language, improving physical appearance, everyday attire, time management and language skills.

Along with personality development, participants are also trained to build leadership qualities and team-building traits. Public speaking courses target the personality and presentation skills of each candidate. Besides practical training, there are some theory, psychological preparation, and drama and theatre exercises. You will be trained about diction, gesture, pace, breathing, stance and posture during speech delivery. The next focus is on the content of the speech. Teachers will guide you about how to start and end a speech, and the use of PowerPoint presentations. Audience engagement is crucial for the success of a speech. You will also learn about introducing humor in your presentation.

Handy Learning Tips
• Soft skills are crucial for success in one’s career
• Training programs offered in institutes in the UAE
• Classes are available on weekends or after office

Source: Tessy Koshy, Special to Classifieds
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