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If the world of media is where you wish to earn your bread and butter, a career in mass communication, journalism or a related field can be a great opportunity.

Educational institutes all over the UAE offer various kinds of undergraduate and postgraduate courses that prepare trainees for the print, broadcast, digital media and other related fields. Courses include Broadcast Journalism, Digital Communication, Journalism and Public Relations. There are also short-term courses available for those who want to further hone their skills.

The different courses cover the basics of communication, writing, public relations, media marketing, among others.

Additionally, these allow students to interact with industry professionals through internships, workshops and trainings.

A degree in mass communication or a related field opens up doors to renowned media houses. One can choose to be a writer, journalist, reporter, public relations officer, social media executive or corporate communications executive, or improve one’s skills in the broadcast field, i.e. television and radio.

However, a career in this field may not guarantee you fixed working hours or conventional holidays. If you are ready to accept these challenges, it can indeed be a very rewarding career choice.

Handy Hints
Institutes offering media studies abound in UAE
• One can choose from short or long-term course
• Career options include journalist, writer, reporter

Source: Shabnam Mondal, Special to Classifieds
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