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Managing risks for others in today's world

Managing risks for othersImage Credit: Supplied

Risk management is not just the latest management jargon to be bandied around; it is an aspect of management that impacts strategy, stability and security, and improves operational efficiency, management and shareholder confidence.

In today's world, companies with the foresight to make risk management an essential part of their organization are more likely to succeed. This is why more and more companies across industries like financial services, insurance, banking, healthcare, diversified industrials, technology, media and telecommunications, are treating risk management a high priority and are increasing their investments in this field.

Reflecting these changing trends are the various institutes offering up-to-date risk management courses. Chicago Management Training Institute, Skyline University College, British Standards Institution (BSI) and VEDANT Trainings are some of the UAE-based institutes that provide certifications in this field. Courses can range from a day-long course to 30 hours (spread over five days); long courses can cost anything between Dh1,000 and Dh3,500 depending on the course duration.

These courses best suit senior and mid-level project managers, systems engineers, senior technical specialists and engineers in general. Certification can help one develop a career as a risk manager, risk and insurance manager, risk coordinator and risk analyst. One can also add further specializations by training to be a risk management specialist within the field of project management. This credential will provide one not only the training and ability to identify risk factors, but also to mitigate threats, turn the negative into positive and capitalize on opportunities.

Handy Hints:

• Risk management a high priority for some firms.

• Some UAE schools offer risk management courses.

• Course suits project managers, systems engineers.

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