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Master the art of video editing

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Aspiring documentary film artists and filmmakers, hobbyists and those who seriously want to make great home videos can enroll in short courses introducing them to the basics of video or film editing.

In the UAE, a number of schools and institutes offer various programs of short duration either as standalone courses for interested individuals, or as precursors for a more in-depth related university degree. These schools normally do not set an age limit, although some require that participants be at least 16 or 17 years of age.

These programs usually cover some if not all of these components: introduction to art history, visual design, composition, color theory, visual storytelling or basic storyboarding, digital camera operation, lighting, sound, and digital computer editing.

Some of the software generally associated with and covered in film and video editing programs include Apple Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe After Effects CC, Adobe Soundbooth, Adobe Photoshop, Apple DVD Studio Pro, and Sony Sound Forge Pro 11.

Enrolling in these short courses means you are trained to become familiar with basic video formats. They also introduce you to working with various types of cameras, lenses, filters, and other technical specifications. Some programs also include lessons on location shooting, video workflow, home video setups, lighting techniques, etc.

Video professionals who simply want to brush up on their knowledge of video editing software can enroll in three-day workshops. Others offer weekend packages lasting for a couple of weeks.

Handy Hints
• Video editing courses offered by many UAE schools
• Students trained to be familiar with video formats
• Short courses run from days to a couple of weeks


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