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Opt for a creative career choice like web designing

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Web design plays a major role in attracting customers to a page. It involves graphic design, search engine optimization, interface design and the overall process of keeping the website usable and attractive.

If you are planning to become a web designer, there are various training institutes in the UAE that will make your task easier. A typical course teaches the basics of HTML, CSS or Cascading Style Sheets, the use of various design software, and the requirements for putting up an effective page for a client.

Since courses are mostly vocational in nature, institutes provide flexible timings or course durations that can be easily fitted into your daily routine. Before you enrol in any web design course, compare the fees, timings and course materials offered. Also enquire if the institute is offering placement assistance or not.

On completion, you can nurture your career in advertising agencies, newspaper houses, graphic design studios, multimedia and television production companies, website design and development studios, and various e-Learning companies. Web design professionals are also in demand in the Internet publishing industry.

Therefore, if you are interested in the field, it can well be a skill that will help shape your professional future.

Handy Hints
• It is web designer’s job to create engaging websites
• They are in demand in multimedia production, etc.
• Institutes offer flexible timings to suit one’s routine



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Source: Shabnam Mondal, Special to Classifieds
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