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Paint a bright future with Art courses

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As Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Dubai become bustling centres of art in the region, demand for courses catering to fine arts is gaining ground. There has been a significant rise in the number of art galleries where young artists can display their paintings and sculptures, attracting buyers from all over the world. There is also a growing demand from the corporate world and advertising industry which recruit artists to design logos, posters, video campaigns and other publicity materials.

The graduation courses are spread over four years with the universities awarding Bachelors of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degrees. Visual arts courses are designed to train students gain proficiency in skills including drawing, painting, photography, film and sculpture.

A BFA degree in visual communication offers specialised classes in design topics like illustration, film, advanced photography and publication design for print and digital media. Graduates are mostly recruited for creative positions in the publishing, advertising and media industries as art directors, producers, design directors and account executives.

An Abu Dhabi school even offers the BA in Emirati Studies degree which focuses on the country’s archaeological and cultural resources. It prepares students to work in exhibition design and related fields.

Most of the reputed universities in the country offer fine arts courses, giving students a wider choice.

Handy Hints
• Art courses include painting, film and photography
• Graduates are roped in by ad and newspaper firms
• Many students also opt for curatorship in galleries

Source: S. Dhar, Special to Classifieds
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