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A passion for electronic music

The proclivity to produce music comes at an early ageImage Credit: Supplied

Electronic music is picking up a lot of traction among the youth of today, and even on mainstream pop, rock and hip-hop music. According to a survey, DJing is one of the coolest and more enjoyable professions on earth.

The proclivity to produce or remix music comes at an early age, and can certainly be inculcated with proper training. In the UAE, there are a handful of institutes offering DJ courses, with some offering intensive classes held on one-on-one basis.

One-hour introductory classes are tailored for beginners and professionals. These cover an overview of DJing, styling, required equipment and remixing. There is also a seven-week program for rookies to become qualified and certified DJs. Furthermore, choosing the genre/style of electronic music is important. Theories of sound and music, understanding turntables, basic scratching techniques, vinyl style mixing with the use of CD players, DJ sets, understanding DJ contracts, DJ presentations, among others, are also covered. Courses cost anything between Dh3,000 and Dh4,000 and can be taken within a month.

The leading music institutes in Dubai are backed by international DJ tutors from London’s Ministry of Sound. It is great news for wannabe DJs who want a leg up on their producing career. So, who wants to become the next David Guetta?

Handy Hints:

* DJ courses in UAE are designed for beginners, pros

* Scratching techniques, styling are some of subjects

* Fees can start at Dh3,000 depending on school

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Source: Nandakumar Ganesh, Special to Classifieds

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