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Polish your soft skills to succeed

Polish your soft skills to succeedImage Credit: Supplied

Landing your dream job is just the first step; maintaining it requires a set of qualities which have to be preened and refined to get the most effective results in your workplace.

These essential attitudes and social etiquette are referred to as ''soft skills.'' Recent research suggests that it is the combination of core and soft skills that will set you apart from the crowd.

There are many institutes and agencies in the UAE which provide training courses in the development of soft skills specifically related to different fields.

One of the main fields where you have to exert soft skills is HR and administration. You can sign up for these courses whether you are a fresh jobseeker or an employee wishing to improve your position within the company.

A few of the strongest traits in soft skills are work ethics, positive attitude, communication skills, time management and problem-solving skills, team player, self-confidence and criticism.

Professional training institutes all over the country offer varied programs in the fields of HR and administration, office administration, customer service, negotiation, successful selling, personality development, public speaking, decision-making and many other related courses.

Some training centers also offer soft skills training in different fields such as banking, IT and others.

Handy Hints:

• Employers seek a good mix of hard and soft skills

• There are institutes that offer soft skills training

• Courses available are specific to different fields

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