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Public relations studies a plus

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To stay ahead in the race in today’s highly competitive professional world, it is important to keep brushing up on one’s skills and adding to them. Well-trained and well-equipped human resources automatically reflect positively on the company’s sales and boost the corporate image. 

To keep staff on their toes, it is essential to give them opportunities to discover the newest business applications and learn the most recent skills set that will benefit them in their daily work scenarios.

Let’s talk about public relations, known popularly as PR. Every industry requires a PR department, without which, there is no way that products/services are going to be showcased in the market. A PR officer/personnel needs to have phenomenal people skills as that is what the crux of the job entails. 

Training courses for budding PR professionals focus on understanding PR techniques and applying them to the local environment and the Arab work culture. The courses also provide insights into verbal and written communication methods and media skills suited to PR requirements. Anyone whose job involves presenting to the media or interacting with the media will highly benefit from the courses. 

Organizations have understood the importance of providing timely training to their staff especially as technology is rapidly changing. It is important to stay abreast to provide that extraordinary touch. Training programs that focus on application of skills in a real day-to-day environment are the most beneficial.

Handy Hints
• PR classes focus on techniques and applications
• PR important in promoting products and services
• A Public Relations officer needs to have excellent people skills



Source: Urmila Santosh, Special to Classifieds
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