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Shoot your way to a great career with photography

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Photography has never been as popular as it is today. With the advent of smartphones and more advanced cameras, anyone can become a photographer. And venturing into this craft will surely open up several opportunities for people, whether it is in the field of fashion, media, advertising and others.

Individuals who wish to photography classes or improve their skills can always enroll in any of the courses available in the country.

The courses or workshops for different levels are offered by training institutes, universities and photography organizations. These are either held for a day, a few days, weeks or months.

Courses vary and generally focus on the basics of photography like understanding the workings of a camera and the theories of photography.

Some classes focus on a specific genre which includes fashion, sports, editorial, products, events, nature, landscape, among others. Still others highlight the technical side like studio lighting, natural lighting, post-processing and the like.

While some courses are free, especially for one-day workshops, fees generally range from a few hundreds to thousands depending on the course, its duration and the instructor appointed for it. But the rewards of being able to apply what you have learned is priceless, i.e. capturing great shots worthy of a National Geographic space.

Handy Hints
• Photography classes can run for days or months
• Fees can range from a few hundreds to thousands
• Classes are offered by photo organizations, schools

Source: Gaurav Achipalya, Special to Classifieds
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