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Show off a lithe physique through dancing

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Dancing is a great cardio workout for people of all ages. It encourages good posture, boosts confidence and improves social interaction. And it is never too late for one to learn new steps either to hone one’s basic skills, or as a form of physical exercise.

Ballet can be a fun activity for kids, while teens showing ardour in physical agility may find joy in jazz, hip-hop, modern or street dancing. Adults into fitness may find zumba an enjoyable way to keep fit.

There are many other dance forms available. Belly, ballroom (tango, cha cha, salsa, bolero), Indian Bollywood and traditional Indian, fusion, western, contemporary – you name it, dance studios and institutes across the UAE offer lessons on it.

Classes, individual or group, are conducted in varying intensity and are taught by dance experts and champion instructors. Students start by learning the basics like footwork, precise moves, balance and poise, and then move on to the advanced level.

Fees start at Dh90 per session and may vary depending on age, duration, dance type and level.

Indeed, dancing is a fun drill to maintain a healthy lifestyle. So, be more active. Improve your skills, or consciously shake off the flab. It can even be your ticket to join a dancesport club or the annual Dubai Latin Fest.

Handy Hints
• Dancing is proven to promote healthy mind, body
• UAE has schools that offer various dance classes
• Lessons start at Dh90 depending on duration, etc.

Source: Alfred Ocianas, Special to Classifieds
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