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Business management courses are gaining popularity amongst students worldwide. One equips a student with all aspects of management, covering a wide spectrum of subjects such as accounting, managerial finance, marketing, human resources and economics.

Degrees awarded range from broad to comprehensive. Specialised programmes are available as well. The duration of study varies across courses. Students can undertake studies ranging from the regular three to four-year degree courses to fast-track executive degrees. Alternatively, short-term certificate courses equivalent to postgraduate modules, which range from 15 weeks to a year, are available in many universities.

The syllabus varies as well. At the Bachelor’s level, studies are focused on textual learning and case studies facilitated by business leaders and industry experts.Learning takes place in a live environment where students are taught real-life business approaches.

At the Masters level and further, students have already gained a few years of work experience and can use it for career progression or to upgrade their skills.

All business management courses follow some basic guidelines. In the first year, the focus is on the fundamentals of finance, marketing and law, and management principles. The second year focuses on accounting, e-commerce, HR, operations management, entrepreneurship and such disciplines.

Handy Hints
• Management course fees vary across schools, levels
• Lessons range from the basics to specific principles
• Courses can be used to upgrade one’s knowledge

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