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Train to become a risk analyst

Risk management is an important aspect of corporate life. Every business decision has a certain degree of risk associated with it, without which there would never be an opportunity to test new paths.

Training courses that empower students to become Certified Risk Analysts help them develop an integrated strategy for the identification, analysis, prioritization and mitigation of risks.

These courses enable students to use risk analysis as a key business driver and appreciate the benefits of accurate risk management. They also teach them to comply with major risk management standards, determine and avoid the common pitfalls of risk analysιs, and develop a comprehensive tool kit for successful risk analysιs.

One institute in Dubai specializes in delivering certified professional training courses in the fields of economics, finance, risk and audit, wealth management, among many other faculties. Alongside offering training for the CRA course, the institute also offers access to the IABFM network and body of information online, and access to the IABFM journal published online, and others.

Another school provides fully integrated 360-degree sustainable, quality project portfolio management (PPM) solutions helping clients across all industries to identify, prioritize, and deliver all projects right the first time. It offers the Risk Management Professional certification which enables trainees to understand risk management concepts, tools and techniques while identifying, analyzing and controlling project risks.

Handy Hints
• Risk management courses available in the UAE
• Courses are open to students in different fields
• Students are taught basics of risk analysis, etc.

Source: Urmila Santosh, Special to Classifieds
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