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Want to be a life coach?

Want to be a life coach?Image Credit: Supplied

Of late, a profession called 'life coaching' has become a catchphrase, thanks to Oprah and other celebrities who have lauded the benefits of integrating it into their lives. If you find yourself to be attracted to the idea of becoming a life coach, not just as a career but because it will give you a chance to help others, there are specific training programs available that can help you realize your dream of becoming one.

One professional life coaching website mentions key areas where you might want to specialize in including, but not limited to, the following: Relationships and Intimacy; Stress Management and Balance; Spirituality and Personal Growth; Entrepreneurial and Small Business Development; Career Planning and Development; Motivation and Time Management; Creativity for Artists, Writers, etc.; Finances and Budgeting.

Indeed, life coaching offers so much more than meets the eye. Not just anybody can call him or herself a life coach after taking up a three-day course; individuals who feel attuned to this career or calling, as some may term it, need to continuously educate themselves by attending trainings and seminars.

International Coach Federation (ICF) regulations require 125 hours of coach training for those who want to be full-fledged life coaching professionals, plus a minimum of six hours of observed coaching sessions and 60 hours of theory work.

In Dubai, establishments like the Coaches Training Institute, MindBridge NLP Trainings and Academia of Human Potential offer individual training courses as well as business packages tailored for company needs.

Handy Hints:

• Relationships, spirituality covered in life coaching.

• ICF requires 125 hours of training for life coaches.

• There are establishments in Dubai offering courses.

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