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Water sanitation and technology

Water sanitation and technologyImage Credit: Supplied

Water sanitation and technology courses in the UAE are linked to continued job training and professional development. They are offered in several institutes with different areas of focus.

Specialized training companies such as Haward Technology run courses specific to certain industries and have instructors who are all authorities in their fields. The courses are designed to take a real-life rather than a theoretical approach. They also offer a Water and Wastewater Treatment Engineering course recognized by a whole host of accrediting bodies such as the American Petroleum Institute (API), International Association for Continuing Education & Training (IACET) and the British Accreditation Council (BAC).

Other institutes that offer water treatment courses often work as consultants in their field. Xellerix is a strategic management consultancy that provides business and technical solutions in the areas of defense and energy. It offers customized training in wastewater.

Alternatively, there are institutes such as the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology which is the world's first graduate-level university dedicated to providing real-world solutions to issues of sustainability. It offers a Water and Environmental Engineering Program that aims to produce knowledge and technologies that contribute to the UAE's position as a leader in regionally focused water technologies, water resource management, and environmental conservation.

Handy Hints:

• Xellerix offers customized training in wastewater

• Haward Technology runs industry-specific courses

• Masdar Institute tackles issues on sustainability

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