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Why credentials are important for an Institution

Why credentials are important for an InstitutionImage Credit: Supplied

As far as education or training is concerned, people prefer reputed institutions irrespective of the cost factor. The first impulse for selection in many prospective participants is that the school should be accredited. This is because we tend to associate the word ''accredited'' with terms such as ''credible'' or ''trustworthy.''

Accreditation is important for schools or training institutes because there will be continuous review and improvement of functionality to maintain the internationally endorsed standards of the principal organization. These standards are set by a peer review board whose members include faculty from reputed colleges and universities. The board aids in the evaluation of each potential new school accreditation or the renewal of previously accredited colleges/schools. Accreditation also requires that faculty should be chosen according to stipulated guidelines. Accreditation is the assurance that candidates coming out of a particular institution are adequately prepared for their chosen profession.

Thus, it is important for clients to perform perfunctory checks regarding accreditation before making any enrolment decisions – for themselves or their children.

If you are uncertain about the accreditation status of the school or institute, a thorough Internet search should yield you some answers. You can even consult the institution's students or faculty members. You can also ask the institution for the address and phone number of their accrediting body. Directly correspond with them to dispel your doubts.

Handy Hints:

• Institutional accreditation is important to enrollees

• It ensures students/faculty meet international norms

• Check the authenticity of school's accreditation

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