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How to keep yourself 'cool' in the heat of summer

Keeping cool in the heatImage Credit: Supplied

Summer is the time when we plan outings with family or friends. But we also need to remember to pay attention to what we do for our skin when it is hot and sunny outside.

Before leaving the house, toss in a few summer must-haves into your bag. Top of the list are a sunblock, preferably with SPF 50, and a BB compact powder with SPF 35.

Alternatively, use a brightening serum then add a BB sunblock rather than applying a thick foundation which is heavy on the skin.

Use a sweat-proof mascara for a day spent outdoors, and a lip balm with SPF to protect your lips from the sun. If you wish, you may get a self-tanning lotion and a bronzer to brush all over your face to go with your tanned legs. Mineral-infused wipes and blotting papers help clean the entire face when it gets greasy and clogged.

Wear a deodorant that dries down fast and does not interfere with your perfume, and do not forget to wear sunglasses to shield your eyes from the UVA and UVB rays. To complete your summer look, wear bright skinny tights, a tank top and beaded jelly sandals that match your neon-painted toes. Add a wide-brimmed hat to the entire ensemble.

Lastly, drink plenty of water, and load on some veggies and fruits to keep your skin glowing and healthy.

Handy Hints
• Summer calls for a sunblock and plenty of water
• Use a sweat-proof mascara when going outdoors
• Carry wipes to clean the face when it gets greasy

Source: Anitha Lakshminarayanan, Special to Classifieds
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