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Look fresher with a new hair color

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Nowadays, you rarely see women embracing their natural hair color. The trend is coloring the hair blonde, ombre, burgundy – anything that is a departure from one’s normal haιr color.

When contemplating on hopping on the trend, first check which color enhances your skin tone before heading for the salon. This is important as you only want to enhance your natural complexion and flatter your face, or you could end up with a washed-out skin and look older. Individuals with a warm skin tone (it has yellowish undertones, or their arm veins look green in natural light) would look best in mahogany, golden blonde, auburn, dark golden brown, honey brown and chestnut. Those with a cool skin tone (pinkish undertones, or their arm veins look blue) may opt for ash brown/blonde, garnet, cherry and burgundy shades. Experts remind everyone not to go three shades darker or lighter as this can ruin one’s appearance.

For haιr coloring that costs a lot less, try DIY at home. Beauty gurus suggest buying a color that is one or two shades lighter than what you have in mind because they say hair dyes always come out darker than what is shown on the box. If possible, enlist the help of someone when dyeing at home. Forget DIY if you want a dramatic transformation; let the professionals do it for you instead.

For hair color that lasts longer, avoid the pool for at least two weeks before and after coloring your hair, and use a shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for colored hair. Renewal masks also help by restoring shine, moisturizing dry hair, and repairing damage.

Handy Hints
• For a dramatic transformation, go to the pros
• Use a shampoo and conditioner for colored hair
• Experts advise not to go three hues darker/ lighter





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