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Accounting in the digital age

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Gone are the days of bookkeeping when all an organisation needed was volumes of paper-based accounting to run a successful business.

In this age of digital data, businesses need to keep pace with time and what better way to do it than hire a company that specialises in accounting services.

Outsourcing accounting services has become a norm. It comes with several advantages like having access to the best software, getting a professional service within budget and saving time.

In the UAE, complete accounting solutions for small as well as big businesses can be customised according to business requirements. Accounting packages include bookkeeping and compilation services, management reporting and assistance in preparing financial statements.

Even advisory and consultancy services are offered by some companies, which help in choosing a system software, training management and setting up an effective accounting system. Other services provided for are credit and working capital management, business valuation, market research studies, enterprise risk management and operational improvement services.

Though most services can be obtained within a budget, rates for each service vary and are quoted only upon request.

Handy Hints
• Digital tools speed up the accounting procedure
• UAE firms customise services according to needs
• Rates vary depending on the service and provider

Source: Shabnam Mondal, Special to Classifieds
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