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A/V and intercom setup services

A/V and intercom setup servicesImage Credit: Supplied

An important part of any commercial office would be the presence of a strong audio-visual system and an intercom system.

Audio and video intercom systems are designed to help secure property by allowing us to visually confirm and speak to visitors. Even if the visitor announces who they are, the video available will help confirm the same.

There are companies in the UAE that help businesses set up audio-visual equipment and associated intercom services. A complete AV solution offered by these companies includes ELV systems as well. The main aim here is to understand the customer's business needs and design a tailor-made solution.

A conference room is a very important space in an office; it is here that presentations are made and ideas are discussed. Therefore, audio-visual equipment must not only be efficient, the wiring also has to be concealed in a tidy and professional manner. It is also vital that the control unit functions well – a simple yet multifunctional touchscreen control device is what works best. It is a one-touch control used to manage the audio-video, lighting, projector, etc. Thanks to these advanced control systems, without the help of technicians, staff can manage everything smoothly at just a click of a button so presentations proceed seamlessly.

Companies also provide maintenance as part of their contracts. They are available round-the-clock for any technical assistance needed; and scheduled visits are made to clean equipment and check if any replacements are needed.

Handy Hints:

• AV intercom services help keep buildings secure

• Conference rooms are an integral part of business

• Companies provide setup and maintenance services

Source: Urmila Santosh, Special to Classifieds

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