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Beef up security with audio video system

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If you are living in a villa or have your own small business setup, an audio/video (AV) intercom system provides you with security to ward off strangers and unnecessary guests.

In the UAE, there are many professional agencies that offer state-of-the-art AV systems. The top-range systems include touchscreen capabilities and picture memory, and are compatible with CCTV security cameras.

Most video intercom systems are incredibly easy to set up and use. They can work with your existing doorbell wiring, so you can do everything yourself within minutes. The video, audio and power run through two wires; thus, no additional or complicated wiring is necessary.

Most firms offer systems depending on the application such as for two-door two intercom stations to two-door 100 intercom stations and so on. They are flexible and can be altered to add more slave stations. There are also direct phone intercom systems which can directly take calls.

The monitors are equipped to work at night; they activate automatically when it gets dark. The cameras provided with the AV system should be placed in strategic angles to get a comprehensive view of the intended target.

Before setting up an intercom system, analyze the exact requirements of your space first to determine the number of stations. Most firms offer system installation at package offers. However, if you are a DIY fan, it just takes basic wiring knowledge to set up one.

Handy Hints
• Intercoms give safety and ease of communication
• Many firms sell sophisticated AV intercom systems
• Installation can be done by a company or yourself

Source: Zenifer Khaleel, Special to Classifieds
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