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The business of salvaging data

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Businesses today greatly rely on technology to store a vast amount of data and information. But what if files have not been backed up and data loss occurs? Data loss can result from something as simple as inadvertent deletion, data corruption, hard drive crash and software viruses to something as sinister as hacking.

Thankfully, there is such a thing called data recovery, which means retrieving lost files. Although not all files can be restored or only a portion of the files can be recovered, data recovery professionals always give anyone a glimmer of hope.

The UAE is dotted with companies that offer a wide range of data recovery solutions, giving businesses several choices to pick the right partner for them. These companies boast a lineup of experts that is generally available 24/7 and can retrieve files from different types of storage media – hard drive, flash drive, USB stick, CD/DVD, among others. They use special tools and even have a dedicated lab for such purpose.

Businesses have the option of hiring a data recovery professional to salvage data onsite, or send their files to the company itself (some offer free pickup service). The engineers initially assess the problem and then propose some sort of a feasibility study, which includes a quote. Packages vary across firms, and fees depend on the damage, amount of files that need to be restored and their urgency. However, these companies do not charge their clients if data recovery proves futile.

Handy Hints
• Files can be retrieved from different media types
• Data recovery firms boast special tools and a lab
• Fees depend on amount of files and their urgency

Source: Ellen Joyce Soriano, Special to Classifieds
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