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Dry cleaning for delicate fabrics

Dry cleaningImage Credit: Supplied

Since the 1840s, dry cleaning has evolved from simple cloth stain removal to cleaning heavy garments. The process uses a chemical solvent other than soap and water; thus, it is called dry cleaning.

It started with the use of lye and ammonia to absorb grease and soils from silk or other delicate clothing. Today, a lot of intricate process is involved in caring for garments which is done by skilled technicians. A chemical called PERC is used for fabrics that are not meant to undergo the rough and tumble of washing machines.

A label that says “Dry Clean Only” on items usually means machine or hand washing may cause damage. So these items are better brought to the dry cleaners for better results.

Wedding dresses, suits, jackets and dresses are the main focus of dry cleaning providers, but some offer dry cleaning of rugs, curtains, carpets, blankets and even lounge seats or sofas.

Dry cleaning companies’ services vary, from detailing, stain removal, pressing to inspection of every garment before it is returned to their customers. In the UAE, these companies generally cater to individuals and corporate clients like hotels.

Dry cleaning service fees start at Dh6 for tops and Dh25 for suits or formal dresses. Fees may vary per provider depending on the size and type of material and the provider’s location.

Handy Hints
• Dry cleaning is a must process for delicate fabrics
• This method uses PERC solvent other than water
• Special procedures help retain color and texture

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