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Enhancing digital presence of your business

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To be competitive in today’s cutthroat market, business owners and entrepreneurs realize that without solid online presence, one cannot expect to grow one’s business and see it thrive indefinitely.

But not all businesses are equipped nor have the time to come up with a platform for good online business presence, and that is where professional digital marketers come into the picture.

In the UAE, various firms specialize in helping businesses of any size come up with an engaging website for them to stamp their digital identity in the ever-evolving world of the Internet.

Aside from web development and design, the scope of services covered in most packages may include ensuring the digital platform is PC, laptop, mobile phone and tablet-ready, search engine optimization (SEO), measuring and monitoring SEO friendliness, page ranking, interactions with social media and inclusion in directory listings.

Other companies will go the extra mile for fledgling companies that are ill-equipped in identifying the image they want for their brand. Such firms help in developing brand identity through an in-depth study of the business, establishing market differentiation, competitive analysis, and then on to design and providing content to support the company’s image.

So, whether you are looking to refresh your online branding, or are just starting to venture into the worldwide web, there are pros waiting to set you up.

Handy Hints
• Firms need online presence to stay competitive
• Digital service providers help set up online branding
• They ensure presence in many digital platforms

Source: Claire Dangalan, Special to Classifieds
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