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Get documents notarized

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Be it a will, marriage certificate or house deed, most of us, at some point, have had to have a document notarized for various legal reasons.

The first step to notarizing your document is to visit a notary public. Aside from the document to be notarized, you also need to bring some supporting documents, Emirates ID and/or passport. A notary public authenticates your document while a second notary public verifies its authenticity and validates your signature.

The next step is to visit the Ministry of Justice which can be done personally or through a representative (for a fee) for the document to be stamped.

In Dubai, documents can be notarized electronically to save time and effort via the Dubai Courts’ official website. Individuals who need to have documents notarized are required to fill in the required details and pay the fees online. They then get an appointment to personally meet a notary public and have their papers authenticated.

Meanwhile, under a directive last year, Dubai lawyers can now act as private notaries and offer services including signature authentication on documents, notarization of documents and contracts, authentication and notarization of affidavits, among others.

Handy Hints
• Almost every embassy offers notary services
• In Dubai, lawyers can act as private notaries
• Notary service fees start from more than Dh100

Source: Saadiya Ahmad, Special to Classifieds
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