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Get important papers attested

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Aattesting documents is often a vital part of UAE living especially for expats and businessmen. Attestation is the act of officially authenticating documents by a notary or solicitor, and, in the UAE, it is common during the visa application process or for business agreements.

Documents that often need attestation include marriage, birth and death certificates, degree and diploma certificates, a written agreement between two or more parties, and commercial and labor contracts.

If you are an expat needing to have papers attested such as marriage or degree certificates, you will be required to get these verified by your country’s embassy in the UAE before taking the documents and copies of them to the appropriate Ministry for attestation. If you need to have a business document or contract verified within the UAE, you will need to follow the steps outlined by the necessary government. These will vary, but will usually require various stamps and signatures from different departments.

The long process seems daunting and complicated as it demands coordination between the country that issued the documents and the UAE authorities. But you need not panic as there are numerous companies in the country that offer attestation services to take the hassles off you. Some focus on a specific service, while others offer the whole package.

Handy Hints
• Attestation is the official verification of documents
• It is necessary when doing important transactions
• Documents needing attestation are diplomas, etc.


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