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Getting rid of pests at home

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Pest control seems to be an issue that always runs at the back of our minds. Like most residents in the UAE, you, too, must be going crazy with the invasion of tiny critters like cockroaches, bedbugs, flies, mosquitoes and other insects. However, there is help at hand and you can always choose a pest control service to tackle any worsening situation.

Professional pest control agents are trained to get rid of insects, flying creatures, rodents and other pests. Different types of pest control methods are deployed for homes and commercial areas. While odorless chemical treatments like gels are mostly used in homes, huge storehouses are often fumigated with gases.

Before choosing a pest control company, make sure that it is on the municipality’s approved list. Its staff must be certified and hold a valid license to execute such task. Residents may ask for the Materials Safety Data Sheet from the firm. This gives a general idea about the pesticide to be administered and its possible health hazards.

Generally, residents are asked to stay away for a period of four hours. However, if they ask for a longer duration of two to three days, be cautious. In that case, the firm may be inclined to use bug bombs to eliminate pests. Casualties have often been reported in such cases; thus, it is safer if you do not opt for such service.

Pest control services generally cost around Dh150 and can go up depending on area size. Firms also offer customized services for villas and huge apartments.

Handy Hints
• Pick a municipality approved pest control firm
• Ask for information on the pesticide to be used
• Pest control service fees generally start at Dh150

Source: Shabnam Mondal, Special to Properties
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