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A glimpse on cybersecurity solutions

A glimpse on cybersecurity solutionsImage Credit: Supplied

Threats to information like phishing scams and data theft are some of the reasons why cybersecurity is important.

Cybersecurity works mainly on three rules: confidentiality (information shared with appropriate users only), integrity (not changing the information from the original state) and availability (ensuring that the information is available to the users when needed).

Cybersecurity services are offered by many companies in the UAE in a variety of packages.

The threat detection service is able to notice attacks from a legitimate network traffic.

By monitoring network security systems, only the most prioritised security incidents are brought to notice for action, thus concentrating on the most important threats.

The business continuity and disaster recovery service increases a system's resiliency in any catastrophic disruption, while the cloud-managed security service places almost all data in the cloud, making it the responsibility of cybersecurity to protect the information.

Cyber assurance, meanwhile, identifies, manages, measures and reports on IT security requirements through an end-to-end framework of standards, processes and tools, providing complete visibility of all systems.

Cybersecurity service fees vary depending on the provider, service chosen and client requirements.

Handy Hints:

• Cybersecurity important for all types of business

• It identifies, manages, measures, reports threats

• Rates depend on the selected package and service

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