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How to save yourself from data loss

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Have you ever had the misfortune of accidentally deleting important and un-backed-up computer files? With so many people using computer technology for anything from personal correspondence, filing work, and budgeting, situations like lost or inaccessible data have become more commonplace even as we try to be efficient tech users. Accidentally dropping your gadget, electrical surges, virus infection, and the sudden disconnection of a storage device (e.g. USB stick) from a computer can sometimes affect data access.

Scenarios involving the above, though unavoidable, can still be rectified. IT service firms nowadays offer a number of services addressing such situations. Extensive data retrieval services offered can include the recovery of data that has been corrupted or infected, deleted, erased, subject to system restore/system crashes/hardware failure, or that which simply can no longer be accessed due to natural catastrophes like water or fire damage.

These services apply to a host of electronic gadgets, not just laptops and computers (Windows, Linux, Mac-based, etc.), and include: MP3/MP4 players, USB devices, mobile phones, external hard disk drives, digital cameras, iPods and the like.

Some companies offer online quotes based on situational information and the urgency (time needed) of each case, pick-up and delivery options, and give the assurance of confidentiality, top-of-the-line laboratory facilities, and follow-up services.

So the next time you lose data for whatever reason, remember that experts are there to rescue your files for you. And do back up your data the next time around.

Handy Hints:

• Causes of data loss include infection and damage

• Data recovery firms work with all types of devices

• Price depends on extent of damage, urgency, etc.

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