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How social media is effective for business in the UAE

Social media for business in the UAEImage Credit: Supplied

Businesses and organizations are increasingly harnessing the power of social media as evidence of its marketing, networking and customer service benefits becomes even more comprehensive.

There are over a billion monthly active Facebook users and more than 555 million active Twitter users. By building and maintaining an online presence with social media, organizations are dramatically enhancing their reach, accessibility and customer base.

However, not all entrepreneurs or managers have knowledge of the nuances of social media; many simply do not have the time to invest. That's why over the past few years, to help aid businesses exploit this expanding marketing phenomenon, many social media management agencies have been established.

Typically, digital marketing firms offer a variety of different packages based on business requirements and budget. These include the establishment and ongoing management and development of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and LinkedIn company profiles, in addition to the generation of SEO-friendly and industry relevant content in the form of blogs, short video clips and graphics. Aside from engaging customers with your brand, the benefit of content creation is to ensure your business becomes a relevant, and even leading, voice in your particular industry.

Don't turn a blind eye to social media marketing. Potential and current customers spend more time online, and social media offers a unique opportunity to communicate with them and advertise your business.

Handy Hints:

• Social media can enhance reach of businesses

• Content creation ensures business is relevant

• There are agencies that create, manage accounts

Source: Georgina Farrell, Special to Classifieds

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