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Keep your cool under control

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Much is made of whether it is cheaper and more energy efficient to leave air conditioners on at a constant temperature of 24°C, or leave the units switched off with a timer kicking in every few hours to cool the rooms down.

While the jury might be out on that, what is indisputable is that well-maintained air conditioning units offer better energy efficiency, help lower electricity bills and reduce carbon footprint. That is why experts recommend calling in the pros to keep your AC unit in tip-top shape.

Air filters should be cleaned to allow sufficient airflow and ensure the unit operates optimally and to the satisfaction and comfort of the resident.

Refrigerant levels should be checked and topped up if required. A low refrigerant level could also indicate a leakage which should be repaired immediately.

All electrical wirings related to the unit should be checked for loose connections, a potential safety hazard.

If the unit has a belt-driven fan, it should be inspected to ensure the tension, as well as the alignment, is correct.

All bearings should be greased to ensure sufficient lubrication, mitigating friction as well as excessive temperatures caused by wear.

Whilst discounts can be negotiated in good faith, some less reputable firms may cut corners by not carrying out work to the required standards or using poor quality materials. Always deal with a reputable company.

Handy Hints
• Set the unit to 24°C for more energy efficiency
• Have everything checked to keep unit in top form
• Do a research and only deal with a reputable firm

Source: Lukas Eigenmann, Special to Classifieds
The writer is Director, Hitches & Glitches