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Keeping the swimming pool sparkling clean

Swimming poolImage Credit: Supplied

The swimming pool is the perfect place for your family to gather and relax. But remember that it can be a breeding ground for skin diseases if not regularly maintained, so always keep it clean to avert any illnesses. Routine care is also vital for the pool to stay in good condition for years.

Before the mercury starts to rise, you may consider prepping it up now to ensure it is sparkling clean for every household member to enjoy.

• Skim leaves, twigs, bugs and other floating debris off the surface of the water using a leaf skimmer. Clean the basket strainers, hair and lint pot and filters for hair, sticks, dirt and other debris.

• To prevent algae build-up or “green water,” use a pool brush to scrub the tiles (sides and bottom) at least every other week. Sweep away sand, dirt and algae at the bottom of the pool using an automated vacuum cleaner.

• Throw tennis balls into the water to absorb oils from sunscreen and hair products.

• Improperly balanced water levels can cause itchy skin and irritate the eyes. To check your pool’s water chemistry, you may buy a testing kit from a local store.

• Inspect the sanitation of the common areas around the pool, too. Make sure that the showers, storage rooms and slides are clean and that the lights are working.

Call in the professionals to check the overall “health” of your pool. You may prefer monthly or yearly maintenance. Monthly fees start at Dh400 but may vary.

Handy Hints
• Brush sides and bottom of the swimming pool to remove algae
• Clean the bottom of the pool with vacuum cleaner
• Call the pros to check overall condition of the pool

Source: Alfred Ocianas, Special to Properties
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