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Learn how to troubleshoot phone issues

Learn how to troubleshoot phone issuesImage Credit: Supplied

Smartphones are essential gadgets for everyone these days. Whether you use them to keep in touch with your loved ones or browse the Internet, it is a device everyone cannot do without.

The common challenges every mobile phone owner face include, but are not limited to, limited battery life, charging port problems, broken screen, web connectivity problems, unresponsive touchscreen or flickering display, water damage and software problems which may cause dropped calls or phone freezing.

If any of these happens, fret not. If your phone is still covered by warranty, you can take it back to your phone's service provider so their specially trained service technicians can investigate the problem.

If not under warranty anymore, the country is dotted with companies that deal in mobile repair. They offer various diagnostic services for different phone models and have specialists that deal with all sorts of phone problems. Some even offer free pickup and delivery services.

Fees vary depending on the damage on the phone or the parts that need to be replaced. Repair duration also varies. Some phones can take only days to repair, while others take weeks before you can get it back.

Handy Hints:

• Phone problems include flickering display, etc.

• Some mobile repair firms offer delivery services

• Fees, repair duration vary depending on problem

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Source: Urmila Santosh, Special to Classifieds

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