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Legal translation services in UAE

The translation of documents is required in all industries hereImage Credit: Supplied

The UAE has a huge expatriate population, and that automatically means that various languages are spoken by residents living here.

The law of the land demands that all legal and important documents be translated into Arabic. Whether it is a birth certificate, an educational certificate or authorization letter, companies that offer translation services are very important here.

Translation services are required in all industries including media, marketing, advertising, finance, banking, and even the medical sector. Everyone works with text and documentation, so languages are an important part of everyday life. Accuracy, therefore, is imperative. A difference in word or grammar could mean something completely new in another language, so it is important to maintain consistency.

Translation of documents into not only Arabic but also English, German, French, Mandarin, among others, is available with most legal translation companies.

A company that offers legal translation services also offers content writing and proofreading services. Some offer training courses and conduct workshops, while others work in tandem with the labor and immigration departments, and process Emirates ID applications, too.

Companies that have been established for many years now can be easily found through word of mouth. These companies provide certified legal translations that are acceptable before all courts and ministries in the UAE and these documents could be attested before the Ministry of Justice for a fee.

Handy Hints:

* Some translation companies offer writing services

* Some conduct training courses and workshops

* Others work in tandem with government entities

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Source: Urmila Santosh, Special to Classifieds

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