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Managing IT and data center

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All organizations inevitably have IT systems in place, and trying to decipher the jumble of wires and switches is a hugely impossible task to those who have no knowledge of it.

The need of the hour is an IT environment that is adaptable to the changes in technology and that suits business requirements at not much of a cost.

There are firms in the UAE that provide turnkey solutions to optimize organizations’ data center operations. Their services are offered on contractual basis.

These companies provide a team of qualified software engineers who conducts routine maintenance checks, round-the-clock specialized server monitoring, server-CPU utilization; alerts for changes; schedules visits to ensure system uptime; and generates weekly reports.

They also offer specialized optimization and integration services that help the company reduce IT infrastructure complexity to optimize performance and increase adaptability to facilitate business growth. They can tweak existing IT setups to create a security-rich, highly-available server environment. Furthermore, they can help create a viable IT environment that utilizes in-house resource skills and frees unused resources that can be used to develop new network capabilities.

Most of these companies assure a quick response time for urgent queries and can send a team member any time.

Handy Hints
• UAE has many firms offering turnkey IT solutions
• These firms provide services on contractual basis
• Contractual agreements reduce costs and risks

Source: Urmila Santosh, Special to Classifieds
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