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Moving goods door-to-door

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Moving, whether domestic or international, entails a lot of planning and reorganising. Good thing that here in the UAE, there is easy availability of efficient cargo and removal companies.

These companies use safe and sturdy materials to pack items so that they stay protected during travel. They also assist in labelling items so that these can easily be found.

For the transport of freight to an international destination, it is essential to learn beforehand the customs rules of the new country and what is on its list of prohibited items. The country may require a duty tax to be paid towards expensive items being brought in, say electronics. Apart from all these, the necessary paperwork also has to be processed in advance.

A logistics and removal company ensures that everything is done at a predetermined cost. The advantage of signing up with one is the convenience of it all. Since it specialises in overseas moving,it knows the nitty-gritty involved and also has contacts in the destination country.

If you are looking at transporting cargo, there are shipping and cargo firms offering many options and relevant rates. They specialise in the haulage of all types and sizes of cargo, and offer tracking systems. Depending on the firm you choose, most offer quick transit times.

Before picking the company of your choice, it is always wise to ask around and get recommendations and reviews. Don’t be afraid to negotiate and ask if there are hidden costs to avoid nasty surprises later.

Handy Hints
• Hire movers with impressive damage control
• Request for strong boxes to pack fragile items
• Ask for the shipping service quote in advance

Source: Urmila Santosh, Special to Properties
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