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Prep up your AC for summer

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Air-conditioning has become an inevitable part of life especially in the UAE where summers mean temperatures reaching 50 degrees at their peak.

Now that the last gasp of winter is in the corner, it’s about time every homeowner had their home’s air-conditioning system checked. This procedure helps prevent breakdowns when the heat becomes too unbearable, maintain clean and fresh air at home day in and day out, avert illnesses and save on energy costs.

There are many companies in the country that offer AC cleaning and maintenance services for residences, commercial offices and industrial establishments. These firms boast skilled technicians that undertake a wide variety of services for all types of AC units at just a call or a click of a mouse.

Services range from installation, retrofitting and remodeling to replacing old units, repair and deep cleaning.

Most of these firms provide their clients with different preventive and predictive maintenance packages that can be tailored according to their clients’ requirements and budgets. A package generally includes, but is not limited to, regular visits for inspection, cleaning and testing, and fault diagnosis. It even covers spare parts replacement. Fees depend on the package offered.

Homeowners are advised to pick a reputable company with years of experience in its portfolio, and keep in mind that cheapest is rarely the best.



Handy Hints

• UAE is dotted with AC maintenance companies

• Firms boast skilled workers available immediately

• They offer packages as per client’s requirements




Source: Ellen Joyce Soriano, Special to Classifieds

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