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Preventive home maintenance

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Clogged sinks and drains, flaking paints, plumbing issues and air conditioning breakdowns are common woes faced by residents.

Whether you are renting an apartment or a villa, chances are the landlord has already inked up a contract with a particular maintenance firm. But for problems that are not covered in your tenancy contract, or if you own your own home, don’t fret. There are many companies in the UAE that specialise in preventive home maintenance, and which you can call anytime you need help.

These companies have trained personnel who promptly sort out your household issues without you lifting a finger. Using special liquid agents and tools, the team can unclog your sinks and drains, fix plumbing problems or apply pest control solutions in a matter of minutes, or deep clean your home for just a few hours. Companies also have technicians who provide regular air conditioning services like duct cleaning and replacing old parts and accessories to maintain indoor air quality and keep the home cool especially during summer.

Companies that provide preventive maintenance services do the fantastic job of regularly keeping an eye on all systems in the house so that there are no sudden failures that would disrupt daily life. They offer their services on an annual or monthly basis. Fees vary depending on a household’s needs.


Handy Hints

• Maintenance firms fix plumbing, AC issues, etc.

• They offer services on yearly and monthly basis

• Fees may vary depending on a household’s needs 


Source: Urmila Santosh, Special to Classifieds

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