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Preventive home maintenance

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The harsh climate of the UAE has a major impact on building longevity. The extreme heat, dusty environment and humidity all place a heavy burden on the efficiency of air-conditioning units, water tanks, plumbing and drainage systems as well as the exterior finishes.

The likelihood of having something go wrong on an annual basis is high, and this is where subscription to a yearly preventive maintenance, an emergency callout plan or having a proactive 24/7 maintenance company on speed dial becomes a fundamental requirement.

Regular maintenance saves money, extends the life span of equipment, results in a more efficient home environment and adds value to property.

If you balk at the thought of committing to an annual maintenance contract, a good first step is to check that air-conditioning and water taps are operating efficiently.

Scheduled water tank cleaning is also essential as tanks can be breeding grounds for bacteria. Specialist cleaning products delivered by experts will ensure moulds and debris are removed before the tank is flushed and refilled.

Pest control is equally important as, in addition to the obvious health issues, rodents can cause damage to electrical systems while cockroaches can put off any prospective buyer or tenant. Ants and other insects are a nuisance, too.

You do not have to be a DIY expert to weed the garden, but hiring a professional is a sound investment.

Handy Hints
• Check if AC’s and water taps are in good condition
• Only experts should conduct home pest control
• Use cleaning products advised by professionals

Source: Lukas Eigenmann, Special to Classifieds
The writer is Director, Hitches & Glitches