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Restoring shine in marble stone

Marble cleaningImage Credit: Supplied

Marble is the most common material used for flooring and countertops. Its shine and luster lend it a unique look unmatched by any other. But over time, grit and dirt accumulate, robbing it of its shine.

Fret not. There are several companies in the UAE that specialize in marble polishing, cleaning, crystallization and protection. These are carried out by professionals to ensure adherence to quality.

The best way to polish marble is to use diamonds to ensure a clean and glassy look, and enhance clarity. In doing so, the craftsman first cleans the surface of any dirt. Buffing pads are used in combination with a marble compound. After one application, the surface is rinsed and dried, and the procedure is repeated again.

Marble crystallization services appear to be similar to polishing, but are more effective and give a better finish. A fluid is sprayed on the marble surface, which is then buffed with steel wool with the use of a machine. The heat produced by abrasion forms a protective compound which adds shine and hardens the stone.

In addition to polishing, companies also provide restoration and sealing of chipped surfaces. These services are equally important because even a small flaw is easily visible in a clear surface, spoiling its look.

Fees for marble cleaning/polishing services depend on the size of the area to be cleaned and the services to be done.

Handy Hints
• UAE has cleaning firms offering marble cleaning
• They boast professionals that adhere to quality
• Fees vary depending on the area to be polished

Source: Urmila Santosh, Special to Classifieds
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