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Security solutions for companies

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With the looming and growing threat of cyber-attacks on information security systems, company networks are increasingly open to theft and fraud. The best way to deal with these issues is by enlisting the help of information security companies offering viable solutions to properly deal with security issues if and when they occur.

One company in Dubai offers professional services, system integration, digital forensics and data center installation at highly competitive rates. They work to ensure all solutions are seamlessly integrated into the client’s particular infrastructure and organization.

Another company provides a bevy of information security systems solutions to clients. These range from breach detection packages, file protection, firewalls, intrusion protection systems and application security. A different company facilitates the development of information security frameworks underpinned by the client company’s particular objectives. Some of the information security technology solutions they offer include intrusion prevention systems (IPS) at the Internet gateway and server farms in the data center. For VMWare environments, they offer virtual systems security technology.

One specialist provides a full range of services for the safety of organizations of all sizes, protecting the network, its perimeter, critical internal assets, data, remote users, clients and partners. They reduce risks before they become real threats to a network, and also help reduce information security costs.

Handy Hints
• Companies need comprehensive IT security solutions
• Some IT firms offer system integration services
• They prevent invasions, hacking, electronic theft





Source: Saadiya Ahmad, Special to Classifieds
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