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Solutions for your cellphone woes

Solutions for your cellphone woesImage Credit: Supplied

With more and more of our lives contained in our mobile devices, it's even more of a catastrophe if something happens and we break our phone. And how long can you afford to be without your phone? With problems ranging from being an inconvenience to life-altering, you'll need to have a good phone repair professional on speed dial. Well, you'd probably have to e-mail them seeing as your phone is broken.

There is, of course, the option to simply replace your phone if it is damaged. However, there are a few reasons that make repairing your phone more effective. The first is data loss. With so much information being stored on smartphones today, you may simply not be able to afford any data loss. Mobile phone repair professionals will often have much more experience recovering data from a damaged handset such as photos, documents and contacts. If the phone is severely damaged, even to the point where it cannot be repaired, it would still be worth seeing a repair professional to see what they can reclaim.

The second reason would be cost. Purchasing a new smartphone will undoubtedly cost more than repairing a broken one. With new smartphones costing thousands of dirhams, it may only cost you a few hundred to repair any of the most common problems such as a broken/cracked screen, faulty speakers, or microphone, or problems charging your phone.

There are many services that mobile phone professionals can provide, and for the more complicated services, be sure to ask for a free quote before agreeing to any work. And don't use a broken phone as an excuse to buy a new one.

Handy Hints:

• Data loss is a major concern in cellphone damage

• Mobile phone professionals can help recover files

• They can troubleshoot minor and major problems

Source: Nicholas Baker, Special to Classifieds

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