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Translation vital to documentation

Translation vital to documentationImage Credit: Supplied

The process of translation is believed to be an interlinguistic method of exchanging transcriptions from one language to another including educational and technical nuances facilitating the recipient to grasp the text clearly in his or her native language. The UAE, being host to a large number of expat workers and businessmen, has translation as an innate ingredient of documentation – whether it be for commercial, legal, technical, or other purposes.

Legal translation services are employed for verifying documents like birth, marriage or divorce certificates for immigration, commercial, employment purposes, or as education-related requirements, whether one is looking to study, teach or open a school. Translation services are also heavily used for labor/employment-related legal work. Regulatory documents like informed consents, protocols, research data forms, patents and so on also require translation. Legal translations are also required for corporate law including by-laws, inter-shareholder agreements, power of attorneys, certificates of incorporation and the like.

Translators are sometimes confronted with certain risks in translation and so, in order to reduce or eliminate them, legal translators need to have fundamental knowledge of country-specific legal systems, familiarity with specific terminologies in the source and target languages, and have a particular legal writing style in the target language.

Pricing for translation work is usually decided by factors like the number of source words, complexity of subject, general or specialized form of text, language/s, urgency, and any other specific requirements.

Handy Hints:

• Translations are an innate ingredient of business

• They are vital for all types of visa processing work

• Pricing depends on number of words, complexity, etc.

Source: Arva Shikari, Special to Classifieds

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